We welcome anyone and everyone who is interested in traveling with the SeeeMe team. SeeeMe group members have been comprised of engineers, contractors, nurses, teachers, professors, students, and other community members.  Each team member brings a unique set of skills that are utilized for a successful trip. We are a Non-Profit and a Non-denominational organization.

The main focus of the SeeeMe travel team is humanitarian efforts.  Most of our time is devoted traveling to different project sites, however, we do try to incorporate a fun or adventurous activity that is unique to Uganda.

Some of our adventurous activities have included white water trips down the Nile as well as safari and boat rides in Murchison Falls

If you’re interested in traveling with us please contact Sonia Manuel-Dupont:

Come explore the Pearl of Africa!



A group of volunteers going down the Nile with the Adrift River Rafting Company.


Murchison Falls National Park