You can help us in the collection of many items. Ask people, companies, or your class if they have any of the following items around their house or office that they are not using. (Tell us the monetary value of the items and get a tax-deductible receipt.) We accept all gently-used items.


One of the reasons we like laptops is that they are small, light, and portable. This makes taking them to Uganda easy. Access to information for the people of Uganda is very limited. One laptop could hold a libraries-worth of information. Giving the children the opportunity to see what an octopus is, a map of the world or learn to read. The laptops also help the adults of the village; they learn basic computer skills that will help them further their knowledge base and employment opportunities. Any old software is also welcome.


Uganda is an equatorial country that receives strong sunlight. This causes severe eye damage in almost everyone. Donating sunglasses can help prevent the problems, and donating prescription glasses helps those whose eyes have already been damaged. Demand is also high for reading glasses (like the kind you can get at a dollar store) and bifocals. We work with another nonprofit, _____ , to clean and identify the lenses before we give them to the Ugandan people.

Clothing and Shoes

Most children in Uganda are required to wear a school uniform and so the demand for clothing is limited. Clothing for babies and sweaters for children are what we most need. However, many children have no shoes, worn-out shoes, or shoes in the wrong size. If your child has outgrown his or her practical shoes, please consider donating them.

School Supplies and Books

Enrich a child’s learning by donating gently-used books and school items like pencils, crayons, and maps. Books are highly treasured at orphanages and are in high demand. All types of books are needed: simple children’s books, books that teach, and books about science, chemistry, math and economics for the older children. Books that teach a vocational talent would also be great.

Toys and Playground Equipment

We love to give children toys that they can use during recess. These toys  need to be for groups of children (i.e. a jump rope works much better than a toy car) because the children will need to share them. Jump ropes, soccer balls, and tether-ball kits are all highly coveted.

Other Items

Music is a big part of the Ugandan culture. Instruments make a great addition to any orphanage. Small drums and other percussion items work best.

If you have any suggestions or ideas of other items we could collect, please tell us be using the contact form.