When you donate to SeeeMe your money supports these projects Uganda:

Building a new school Queen of Peace in Mbale

SeeeMe is building a school in Mbale for Judy to use her education degree and to provide a place for rural children to receive education.

Well Drilling

Drilling wells not only provides clean water to the community, but also shortens the distance that women and children have to travel to retrieve water.

Recreation Equipment

Playground equipment gives children a break from heavy labor demands, it also gives them a place to learn social skills.


Uganda Girls’ Pad Project

Many girls do not attend school during their menstrual cycles. We provide washable pads, sewing machines, and starter kits, so girls can continue with their education.

Women Seminars 

We present women seminars to empower and talk about women’s issues they face. In many of these communities we buy sewing machines and start up kits to help them.

Various Projects

We still collect reading glasses, educational books, birthing kits, and other sustainable items that pertain to the communities need.